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Why Guys Send Penis Selfies

Why Guys Send Penis Selfies. It seems to be the norm these days – getting an unsolicited dick pic. Here’s why guys do it, the clever ways to respond, and how to avoid getting them.

Women like a dick, alright, but not via an in-your-face photo. As if a picture of a dick would make women automatically want to have sex with the sender.

Why do guys send a dick pic?

Most women don’t like getting an unsolicited dick pic. In fact, they are downright dumbfounded much of the time that men send them.

What would make them think that women want to see that when they don’t even know the guy? Well, here are some possible reasons why a guy might send an unsolicited dick pic.

1. It’s the “norm”

Sadly, this is just the world we are living in now. Technology allows guys to do this. Back before smartphones and texting, sending an unsolicited dick pic wasn’t even a thing because you just couldn’t do it.

Well, that is, unless a guy wanted to take a picture of his dick, bring it to the photo development place, put in an envelope, and send it to you through snail mail. But most guys would never even think to do that back then. So, you can partially blame it on technology. It’s too easy.

2. Women don’t stop them

Let’s face it – a lot of women don’t stop a guy from sending an unsolicited dick pic. They let the guys get away with it.

If a woman shut them down immediately or told them upfront that they don’t like it so don’t even bother sending one, then guys probably wouldn’t do it. If you want the unsolicited dick pics to stop, you have to stop them yourself.

3. He is trying to sleep with you

This is kind of a no-brainer, right? He wants to get laid. And he thinks that if you see a picture of his dick, it will turn you on and make you horny for him.

Maybe he thinks that it will lead to sexting, and then it will progress into a real-life thing eventually. In fact, that is probably the number one reason guys do it.

4. He doesn’t have any class

Sending an unsolicited dick pic has a huge “ick factor,” right? Most girls aren’t really that turned on when a guy they never met – or barely knows – sends them a picture of their dick.

What happened to the days of the 1950s when men respected women, pulled out their chairs, opened doors, and paid for dates?

Sadly, those days are gone and what has replaced them is a whole new generation of men who aren’t very classy.

5. He is not very bright

We’re not trying to give guys the benefit of the doubt here, but if they knew how it really turned some women off to get an unsolicited dick pic, maybe they would stop doing it.

They just don’t “get it.” They don’t have the ability to see it from a woman’s perspective and see how a lot of them think it’s pretty gross.

6. It has worked for him in the past

As we said earlier, if women called the guys out on their unsolicited dick pic, then they would stop doing it. But a lot of women don’t and they just play along.

Plus, the guys have probably found plenty of women who either like it – or pretend to like it. And if it leads to them getting laid because they sent it, why would they stop? If it’s gotten them sex before, they’ll keep doing it.

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