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Signs He Just Wants Sex

Signs He Just Wants Sex. You meet a guy and you think he’s great, but he only seems interested in one thing. Learn the signs he just wants sex and save yourself the heartache.

There are some guys out there who don’t give the rest a great reputation. They draw you in and make you think they’ll be the best guy in your life only to leave you crying on the floor because he really just wanted sex.

The signs he just wants sex and nothing more

Believe it or not, you can tell pretty early on whether or not he wants something real or he’s just in it for the physical fun.

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Now you know the reasons why he might think he can get away with this kind of behaviour with you, here are some of the signs he just wants sex that you might be missing.

1. He doesn’t seem very interested right away

When you initially met, how interested did he really seem? This is important because a guy who likes you immediately and tries to be engaged with you is someone who wants more than sex. If he seemed uninterested until you got flirty, he may just want sex.

2. The first time you talked, it was all surface deep

You didn’t really discuss anything of value because he probably didn’t care to. To him, the most important thing about you was probably the color of your underwear.

3. He mentions your looks over your personality and other qualities

Whenever he compliments you, it’s never about how funny you are or how smart you are. It’s always about how hot you are or how great you look naked. These aren’t the compliments of someone who wants you for more than your body.

4. Your conversations somehow always end up being about sex

Everything ends up turning dirty and naughty. You can be having a great conversation about your day and what you did but he’ll always turn it sexual.

Even if you try to get things back on track, he’ll distract you with sex-talk and you’ll end up sexting.

5. He only texts first late at night or when he wants to hookup

Basically, you’re pulling the weight in the relationship until it comes to sex. Then he’s usually the first to initiate any discussions about it or even hookups.

This is one of the biggest signs he just wants sex that you have to look out for.

6. He never asks serious questions about you

Whenever you talk, it’s always the same old stuff. He doesn’t really make an effort to get to know you past what you look like naked. You feel as though he probably doesn’t even know you at all.

7. He’s never mentioned anything relationship-related

He’s never made you think you’re in one and he’s never brought up being in one. A guy who actually likes you and wants to be with you will definitely at least talk about relationships. If this guy doesn’t, he could just be using you.

8. Your “dates” are always at home

One of the signs he just wants sex is that you never really go out. Even if you complain about this, he could distract you by saying something about how all he wants to do is curl up with you.

But really, he doesn’t want it to become more of a relationship. Staying in also makes for easy sex.

9. You don’t really know much about him or his life

If you think about it, you probably don’t know much about him. Guys who just want sex from girls often don’t divulge details about their lives. They keep to themselves and really just tell you the most basic stuff.

10. You’ve never met his friends

Because he doesn’t want you to think he wants a relationship, he’ll probably keep you away from his friends.

A guy who only wants sex will have zero interest in you getting along with his buddies. So he just won’t introduce you. Basically, his friends may not even know about you.

11. You don’t have much in common

Think about it. Other than your physical attraction for each other, is there a connection? You may not even know enough about him to determine that if all he wants is sex. But ultimately, you just can’t find connections and don’t know why you’re even hanging out with him other than the sex.

12. You have sex every time you hang out

This is a huge sign and probably the most important. Do you have sex every time you’re together? And who starts it?

If it’s him and you always end up doing the dirty, he probably just wants you for sex. Someone who likes you for YOU won’t need to get in your pants each hangout.

13. If it’s that time of the month, he’s suddenly less available

He basically uses excuse after excuse not to hang out until it’s over. Just to keep you around, he might agree to hang out at least once during this time. Otherwise, he’ll be busy with work or friends or literally anything else until it’s over.

14. Foreplay isn’t really a thing

And he doesn’t care about what you want in bed. Ultimately, your foreplay probably doesn’t last very long because he’s not really interested in getting you off. He’s more worried about getting his own jollies and that’s it.

15. You don’t feel like he actually cares about you

Trust your gut. We have instincts for a reason and if you feel like he only wants you for sex – which we’re assuming you do since you’re here – then he might.

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