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How to Strengthen Your Vaginal Muscles

How to Strengthen Your Vaginal Muscles. When we say pussy power, what comes to mind? For us, we took the literal route. Here’s how to strengthen your vaginal muscles for real pussy power!

Contrary to popular belief, women are not weak. We are not the disadvantaged gender, the dainty sex. Looking at how human reproduction, biology, and survival works, women play a huge role that men simply can’t replace.

Sonnets and songs have been made about this—the quest for a woman’s love, the challenge of winning a woman’s kiss, and the amazing life-giving force that is a woman’s body. In fact, when it comes to courtship, romance, and family life, it is women who truly call the shots *and talk about pussy power!*

So what is it about women that make guys stop and stare, and even turn bad boys into good guys?

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While women have lots of desirable and strong qualities that go beyond our curves and smooth skin, let’s admit it—pussy also has something to do with it. Men go gaga over vagina. It’s nature. It’s instinct. It’s how humans are wired. Many conquests have been fought, lost, and won over female sexuality, over the pull of the pussy.

So keeping your beaver tamed and in tip-top shape *whatever that means to you* will definitely have its merits when it comes to your sex life, relationships, and… well, pussy power!

How to exercise your pussy power *literally*

So we’ve been talking about pussy power for a while now, and if you know what Kegels are, then you probably get the drift by now. Exercising your pussy power, in the literal sense, means doing Kegel exercises. And by this, we mean the clench-and-release exercises that make your pelvic floor muscles stronger.

The pelvic floor is a series of muscles and tissues that form a sling-shape at the bottom of your pelvis. This firm sling holds your organs in place. Once it loses its flexibility and firmness, as a result of a weak pelvic floor, you may have a hard time controlling your bladder. These muscles naturally become weaker after pregnancy, childbirth, aging, weight gain, and frequent heavy lifting. By strengthening them, though, you lower your risk of conditions like incontinence. And, hello, you’ll also make sex hotter!

Before you begin, here are a few basics you have to learn:

#1 You have to identify the right muscles. Many women go about their lives not knowing about the muscles involved in Kegels. You can identify them by trying to stop your urine mid-stream. The tightening you’re doing here is your Kegel. You can let them go again, and your pee will resume. We bet you’re feeling the pussy power already!

#2 Another trick. If you’re still having a hard time finding these muscles, try placing your finger inside your vagina and squeezing something there. That tightening you feel on your finger is your Kegel—congratulations!

#3 Begin Kegel exercises with an empty bladder. This is important so that you will not feel any discomfort or leakage. Make sure you do a bladder check before you start any of the following exercises.

Kegel exercises to strengthen your pussy power

The following exercises are great for almost any time of day. You can do this while at you’re desk, reading a book, watching a movie, or just lying down in bed.

#1 Squeeze and relax. In this classic exercise, you squeeze your pelvic floor muscle as tightly as you can. Hold this for a second or two before fully relaxing. Tighten it for five seconds, then relax it for another five. Repeat this four or five times in a row, working up until you can keep your muscles contracted for ten seconds at a time, with intervals of ten seconds in between. Combine this with deep breathing as you concentrate on relaxing so you won’t skip a beat. This makes your muscles down there not only strong, but also flexible.

#2 The release. This is a variation of the exercise above, but instead of simply relaxing your Kegels, you forcefully breathe out and forcefully release your Kegels as well. This is like pushing air out of your lungs and vagina at the same time.

#3 Balls. Kegel balls have been around for quite a while and they are great for doing these types of exercises, especially if you keep forgetting your reps. Kegel balls, also known as Geisha balls, can be made of different materials, like stainless steel and silicone.

As a newbie, you can start with the biggest and lightest ones, and then work your way to smaller and weightier ones. You put these balls inside your vagina to really test your pussy power. And an added bonus is the pleasure you feel while doing this exercise *you might even cum!*

#3 The 2-in-1. Thank heavens for adult toys, right? And if you’re into business and pleasure, you’ll enjoy the Inspire Remote Kegel Exerciser made by CalExotics. This is a device specifically designed to help you with your Kegel exercises, while also giving your clitoris a good amount of vibration for added pleasure. Talk about some immediate reward for your hard work!

These exercises may be difficult at first, but once you get the hang of it, they can become second nature to you—just like breathing. You can do these exercises in the bath, in the elevator, while at a meeting, or even over dinner. What’s more, you can also feel aroused while strengthening your pussy muscles, and no one will even notice!

Repeat these exercises three times a day, with ten reps for each set, and you’ll be well on your way to a real, mean, powerful pussy!

Don’t expect the results to happen immediately, though. Kegel exercises work differently for different people, and it may take a few months to have an effect on urinary incontinence and to see an improvement in your sex life. One guarantee, though, is that you *and your partner* will start to notice a boost in your arousal, which can improve your bedtime romps. Doing these exercises on a regular basis can also allow you to create a tighter grip on your partner’s penis, which will give him plenty of pleasure, too.

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