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Facesitting sex position

Facesitting sex position. All the pleasure and control of Cowgirl also comes in the oral flavour with the Facesitting sex position.

This one works pretty much just like it sounds. He lies on his back, and she sits on his face, such that her pussy (or anus) is right over his mouth. She can face in either direction and can assume an active role by sliding her pussy and/or ass across his tongue and mouth.

Face Sitting is popular because she has a great deal of control over what her partner is doing; she can lower her body for more pressure, raise herself for less pressure, or move forward or backwards to change the area of focus.

Face sitting shouldn’t be confused with pussy smothering which is hardcore BDSM. The aim of pussy smothering is to deprive the submissive partner of oxygen. People who are not comfortable with the idea but their curious nature may want to try it with the top partner sitting on the other partner’s chest other than the face.

Beginners should avoid squatting when facesitting and instead use kneeling instead. A less experienced person might find prolonged squatting uncomfortable. Also, the orgasm may cause the squatting person to fall on the head of the person below, which is more than a little risky under the circumstances.

A good rule of thumb is to use this position sparingly at the beginning and go for the full package later on.

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