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What size penis do women want?

Does Penis size really Matter?

Men obsess about their bodies just like women. Too fat, too tall, too small… And we all know many are especially obsessed when it comes to their equipment. How does your guy measure up? We talked to everyday women and sexperts…

When it comes to size and aesthetics, it’s a rare guy who wants an honest assessment of his anatomy. But every so often, women hear this question: “What do you think of my penis?”

That’s sure to jolt you out of a post-coital daze. Should you lie? Tell the truth? What’s so surprising about this question is the naked vulnerability it reveals; it’s the male equivalent of “Does this make me look fat?”

Sizing Him Up

I once got “the question” when I was seeing a man who was smaller than I preferred. But I was enormously attracted to him and the electricity we generated could have lit up Times Square.

At that unguarded moment, I think I liked him even more for giving me a peek at his anxieties. And so I said, quite honestly, “Absolutely. It’s amazing.”

For all the reassurances from urologists, sex therapists and girlfriends and wives that it’s not the size of the boat but how they captain it that matters, guys still wonder: Do I measure up?

Yes, size matters. But not the way men might think it does.

When It’s Too Big

“We’ve put such inflated importance on size, and as a result, women’s eyes are bigger than their vaginas,” says Anne Semans, marketing director for the sex toy boutique chain Babeland.

Semans knows women’s size preferences, at least when it comes to dildos. Babeland’s most popular model measures 6 inches long and 1-1/4 inches around, though women do seek longer and fatter too.

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“The cultural perception is that bigger is going to feel better,” Semans says.

But, she adds, that’s not always the case. In fact, women who overreach often end up returning dildos (unopened, of course).

“Too big and you’re going to need a lot of lube, there’s more friction and it might chafe,” Semans says. “Even your orgasmic contractions may be less powerful.”

Logically, the same holds true for penises of the non-silicone variety.

Many women may initially enjoy the sight of a big guy. But their next reaction is often, Ouch!

My friend Shari, 38, agrees. She’s dated guys who were too long and too thick.

“If it’s too big, it can be overwhelming and painful,” she says. “You have to really be ready to deal with something that large.”

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