Capitec Woman

WATCH: Chaos in Capitec bank as woman str!ps [email protected] and destroys the place. A woman let it loose in a Capitec bank in Cape Town and has since gone viral. The unidentified [email protected] woman can be seen going off at a bank consultant reportedly in the bank’s Strand branch.

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In the video, the woman, dressed only in sandals, can be seen smashing a phone on the ground. Her screams are inaudible. The male bank consultant can be seen dressed in a work uniform and moving out of his cubicle as the woman continues to dismantle his working station.

It remains unclear what the dispute was about. As customers flee from the bank, the woman can be seen heading to another cubicle where she also destroys a workstation as she continues to yell and the consultant stationed there leaves.

The consultant can be seen standing nearby, talking on his phone. The video, which has gone viral and trending on Twitter has Mzansi asking tons of questions.


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