The controversial DJ Mandla who is based in the UK was on an Instagram live with the overnight popular socialite Amai Koko as she recorded the DJ eating or rather licking pussy.

We all know these two are known for doing crazy things on social media as both of them are no strangers to being naked on social media platforms especially DJ Mandla. He has been in many scandals than we can remember, and yet he still shocks us.

On the other side, Amai Koko seems to be a free spirit all the time. She rose to fame and once became the talk of the town after she danced to Stunner totally naked on one of his Insta live videos. She did it again to show the country that it was not a mistake she really knew what she was doing.

Now, these two were at it again as they recorded each other during a steamy and hot session live on Instagram, as DJ Mandla got down to do his business. Check the video below…

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