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Sexy Holly has a HOT Threesome

I had always wondered what it would be like to have two men. So I hatched my plan to find out. I am a very flirty and dirty lady, all the workers at the club know what I am like. Anyway after close down one evening, I was sitting at the bar having drinks with two of the male dancers, we were chatting away, and I could not help but start drifting, and dreaming about these two guys.

They were tanned and very well built, in all ways. Their names were Andre, and the other we knew as Mac. Well we were messing around joking and all, and I began to talk flirty to them. I could tell they could be up for some fun, eyes, gentle touches, etc.

And being as I was wearing a very low front gold plunge dress, which ended at my belly button, if they didn’t want me, they must be gay! The conversation was getting even more flirty, and I thought I would up the stakes.

“So Andre, if I was to invite you to my dressing room, I mean both of you, what would you say?”

“Well Holly I would join you, without a second thought” Andre answered.

“OK, and how about you Mac?”

“Sure I would, who could ever turn you down lady.” Mac agreed.

“OK, so how about both of you, at the same time?” I then asked.

They both looked at each other, looked at me and agreed that, that indeed was a great idea. We finished our drinks, and I could not help but lean over to Andre who was sitting on the stool next to me, I placed my hand on his thigh and stroked it up and down, this not only aroused him, but also my tits were just about staying in my dress, so he had a great view of the goodies.

I moved my hand over to his groin and began to stroke, I could feel him getting aroused, and it sure felt big, not that I had never seen him naked, I’ve watched him and Mac perform for the ladies.

“I think…it’s time to move away from here.” I said.

I stood up and turned my back, this was to show them the back of my dress, it is backless and just about covers my ass. I walked in front of them, so they could get a good look at what they were about to have. We went back stage, up some stairs and arrived at my room. I opened the door and allowed them to go in first. I closed the door behind me, and leant against it.

“Well here we are boys.!” I gestured.

They walked over to me, one on each side, I turned to Andre and shoved my tongue in his mouth. Then Mac, on the opposite side, I felt Andre place his hand on my tit, as I kissed Mac, Mac joined in, on my tits, I raised my arms over my head, as they took the pieces of dress that were covering my tits and pulled the dress aside. My tits were out, and I felt both mouth’s down on them, licking, sucking, and hands squeezing, I dropped my arm down and began to rub my pussy, Andre pulled his shirt off and went back onto my tit, Mac followed suit.

Andre then went down on me, licking me out, Mac was still on my tits, but had both now to himself. Andre began finger fucking me…it felt so fucking good, one down below and another on the top. I pulled Mac up and snogged him hard, “0h fuck…Andre yes!” Mac then stopped and joined in down below, Andre came up and took my tits again. Mac fucked me hard with his mouth. We came to a quick stop, it was now my turn.

“I think it is time for me to mouth you two now.”

I walked over to the bed that I had, looked at them both and dropped my dress off the shoulders it just fell to the floor. “So who’s first?” I questioned.

I took Mac first, wrapping my mouth around his cock, nice and tight, moving my mouth up and down nice and slowly, Hmm… I fucked his cock, hinting for him to pump me, which he began to do, pumping my mouth deep and hard. Andre walked over to me, and I pulled off Mac, pulled Andre’s shorts down and took him deep into my mouth. As I was sucking Andre, Mac came over, and I took his cock and began to wank him. This was fucking good stuff, and I would never have imagined two cocks tasting and feeling so different.

I came off Mac and began to finger myself as I continued to mouth fuck Andre. As I was fingering myself I began to think about who would fuck me first. I really did not mind, I needed to get fucked, and whoever was going to be first, well I was gonna get double helpings. I began to cum, and the orgasm made me fuck his cock harder, I was rampant, I pulled off him, and had them stand in front of me,

I was on my knees fucking my pussy hard, I took turns in taking both their cocks one at a time, then I opened wide and took them at the same time! Fuck that was incredible not much room, but sucking…ooh ya!

I stopped and stood up, kissing them both sliding my tongue into their mouths one at a time. I was now needing to get fucked, and badly, I turned around and walked over to the bed, I lay there facing them, and told them not to move. I then layed there and fucked my pussy again with my fingers, I could see this was driving them nuts as they were stroking themselves like mad! I spread my legs, and said simply to them,

“who’s first?”

Mac came over and went down on me, Andre came over and I took him in my mouth again. “C’mon fuck me Mac…fuck me hard!” I demanded.

He stood up and pushed himself in with a moan of delight, and began to pump me. I kept on Andre’s cock, and sucked him in time to Mac’s rhythm I rubbed my tits and squeezed them as I got fucked both ends. Mac was ready to cum, fuck, I thought he is eager, mind you I was at the point as well.

“C’mon Mac fuck that pussy fucking cum in me! Ooh fuck yes! yes! keep fucking me I’m cumin! Cum with me. ooh ooh yes! yes! fucking yes! Mac yes! do me!” I screamed.

He shot his load into me, it felt so good, but I wanted more, and demanded he carried on, in he went again, and I went back on Andre. Mac had great stamina, he pumped away at me, it was just amazing, the feel of his cock against my pussy lips, this made me take Andre into the back of my throat…

My pussy was getting so well fucked, that shortly I would be getting it again! The filthy thoughts going through my head, were unrepeatable! But one for sure I wanted them both in me at the same time…I had seen it done in a porno many a time, but I wanted a dose of that action. Mac was done…

He pulled out and went and collapsed in the chair. Maybe my double wammi would not happen. Andre got onto the bed and laid on his back, I squatted over his cock on my heels, and lowered myself onto him. OH fuck he felt good.

I began slowly like I always do, up and down, up and down, loving every inch, going in and coming out. This was just orgasmic, having just had one man fuck me, now another was, Andre began to pump me, I really didn’t think I would last that long, and sure enough, I felt my pussy going. I started to ride him hard and fast, I wanted to cum on him so much, and with in what felt like seconds I did just that.

“Andre yes keep fucking me, harder! do me harder! Oh fucking hell yes! keep it there, oh yes! oh yes! Yes! fuck I’m cumin Andre, oh yes!”

I felt my cum, run down him, and he began to fuck me hard, harder and harder… his cock felt so good in me, I did not want him to stop. To delay his cum, I got off him and turned myself around, again squatting over him. I began fucking him again,

to my surprise Mac had somewhat recovered and came over, and I took him in my mouth, rubbing my tits as I did so. I suddenly felt Andre cum in me, Mac’s cock had distracted me a bit. But I felt him cum, boy did I feel him cum!! And that was it…we were done! Although we did share the shower together. I never got my double wammi though. Maybe next time.

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