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Hi there my name is Tom and my wife of ten years is called Ann, we have a lovely home, no kids but have an enjoyable sex life or so I thought. This story is about how I found out my wife was a cock hungry slut.

Ann works for a legal firm and is very good, this has allowed her to progress quickly and her next step was to become a partner. This however can take some time and demands patience something my wife has little off.

She was a very young thirty five years old who had a killer body, and I had often caught many guys ogling her and even a few who had required to adjust their rapidly stiffening cocks as a result. This was as far as it went or at least I thought so until that fateful night.

Our sex life as I said was okay, well we had sex at least twice a week and that satisfied us both, but when I found out why I was gobsmacked. We had been at a party which her office was holding and as the night drew on I had watched several guys grab her ass and brush deliberately against her breasts all of which I let go as my own cock was getting stiff at the thought of what I had and they wanted.

As the night went on I began to think what it might be like if she was to have sex with another man, but almost instantly dismissed it as a stupid thought no way would my wife do anything like that. The remainder of the night was spent mixing with the guests until it was time to go home. As the weeks and months passed I began to fantasise more and more about her taking another man to bed but daren’t discuss it with Ann for fear of reprisals.

For several weeks Ann had been working late for several nights a week, and it was these that began to make me suspicious. I had no idea what was going on but it just didn’t seem right and was beginning to annoy and frustrate me. One Friday night in particular I got a phone call from Ann to say she would be late again and not to worry she’d pick up a carry out meal on her way home. I decided to surprise her by driving there to collect her. I arrived at the offices to find the front in darkness and locked up. I had a quick wander around the side and found the back gate locked also, but just as I was about to leave thinking I had missed her I saw a light come on in one of the offices just past the gates.

I still don’t know to this day what made me climb the banking over the fence and down into the car park but boy am I glad I did. It has given me so much wanking material I am now a confirmed three times a day wanker and a proper secret cuckold to boot. As I walked across the park I could see the blinds had been drawn and when I approached there was a gap at one corner beside some large rhododendron bushes. I pushed my way into the bushes and peered into the office, what I saw made me gasp.

Inside was my wife and a man, I recognised as her associate Paul, he was running his hands up her silk stockings, and pushing them into her panties. Instead of pushing him away she opened her legs further and allowed him access to slip a couple of them into her cunt. After several minutes of being finger fucked she knelt on the floor, opened his trousers, fished around inside and pulled out then took his stiff cock into her warm willing mouth. Soon her head was bobbing up and down on his stiff cock. Their moans of pleasure although muffled could still be heard clearly. I looked dup and noticed the small window at the top was cracked ajar slightly. I smiled to myself before taking my own cock out and beginning to wank myself at the sight before me. All my fantasies were coming true right in front of me; I just didn’t want them to stop.

Ann was now sucking him deep into her throat until I could only see his balls nestle against her chin, droplets of saliva and what I could only assume was his pre-cum oozed out of the sides of her mouth. Then suddenly Paul spoke to her quietly and she knelt on the carpet on all fours, He positioned himself behind her and began to feed his cock into her dripping wet gash. Her moans drifted out;

“Oooooh Yessssss!..Fill my fucking slutty cunt Paul with your big thick cock… Make me your slut!”

I had never heard my wife talk dirty before and it was such a turn on. Paul began to hammer away at her cunt mercilessly all the time telling her she was his bitch, a slut and a cheap whore. The more filthy the language the more my wife seemed to enjoy it. I made a mental note to ensure I started using dirty talk during sex.

Ann then told Paul to lie on the desk, she then mounted his fully erect cock and rode him like a horse, bouncing around as he mauled at her tits calling her even more filthy names;

“You filthy little cock hungry slut…when I’m finished with you your cunt will be no use to that wimp of a husband… it’ll be all mine you cheap whore!” Anne just laughed and told him to;

“Shut the fuck up stud and fill my belly with your thick juicy cum!”

They both fucked like dogs until they eventually came together and collapsed on top of the desk. I shot my load over the bushes and decided to make myself scarce. I drove home and waited on her return, I never mentioned her lies when she said she had lots more work to do and would have to work late the following Friday as well. Instead I made a plan to go and watch again.

The following Friday found me in my voyeuristic position again, with a pair of jogging bottoms on this time to allow me easy access to what would surely be my rock hard cock sooner rather than later. I had bought some delay cream and applied a good dollop to both my balls and my cock to ensure I would last, as I had refrained from sex and wanking for the whole week.

When her phone call confirming her late dalliance again had came though I was already outside her building watching the last of the staff leave. My heart sank when I saw Paul leave as well and thought for a minute she wasn’t going to be with him or anyone to that matter. But when the lights all went out the cleaner left and the guards locked up the gates while I watched I wondered where she was and who was she with.

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