SEX Photos of Prophet Magaya or his look-alike LEAKED


Zimbabweans woke up today to pictures alleged to be those of P.H.D Founder and Leader Walter Magaya circulating virally on social media.

The compromising pictures, the bulk of which are too sensitive to publish, show a yet to be identified woman engaging in a sexual act with a gentleman who is alleged to be the Church Leader.

Prophet Magaya

The pictures have sparked intense debate about their authenticity on various social media platforms with some claiming that the pictures are doctored, or of a lookalike.

Ever since Magaya entered the limelight he has consistently been hounded by a multitude of sexual misconduct allegations however all the cases mysteriously collapse as the complainants dramatically somersault and withdraw the charges citing absurd reasons that range from being paid by ‘third forces’ bent on tainting the prophet’s image to outright blaming the devil and evil spirits.

Prophet Magaya