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Oral Sex Tips: Start His Morning Off Right With This Surprise Move

We all know men love morning sex (they wake up primed and ready, after all!), but also know women don’t feel sexiest when their breath is rank and there are crusties in their eyes. Well, lovelies, we have the perfect solution!

Tomorrow morning, wake up earlier than your guy and go about your usual morning ritual (take a shower, brush your teeth, etc.). Don’t get dressed yet! Instead, throw a robe around your bare body while you wait for him to get up and shower.

The trick is to sneak up behind him in the bathroom when he least expects it—say, when he’s brushing his teeth or hair. Make eye contact with him in the mirror and kiss his neck while reaching your hand under his towel or in his shorts.

Let your robe open a bit so he can see your hot, newly showered body. When you feel him “responding,” kneel down in front of him, rip off his towel and give him a blow job that he won’t be able to get out of his mind for the rest of the day.

What do you think? Want to give this one a try? How do you feel about giving morning blowies when you’re both fresh out of the shower?

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