Netsai Melody Mlambo

SA based woman created a Facebook profile advertising that she is a sex worker.

On her profile she wrote ” ndinosvirisa only varimu south Africa can hook me up R80 nguva pfupi”, this was written in Shona. Only Zimbabweans will be able to translate this for you.

Netsai Melody Mlambo

This means for those who want to have sex, based in South Africa call me it’s only R80 for short-time. On this other picture, she has her number printed.Netsai Melody Mlambo

Well since the Lockdown all sex workers have been put out of business until further notice but this was bold for Netsai Melody Mlambo as she does not care what Lockdown Level we are on.

She just wants to have sex with any Zimbabwean men out there.

Netsai Melody Mlambo

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