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Naked pictures of Susan Mutami leaked on social media

Naked pictures of Susan Mutami leaked on social media. Things took a turn for the worst this afternoon after n#de pictures of Susan Mutami started to surface.

In one photo, Susan can be seen in a bathroom totally undressed. She appears to be taking the photo herself. In another picture, Susan is sitting with a man in a car, whose face is not shown.

Susan Mutami

Mutami can be seen sitting on the passenger side of the car, with he legs across the passenger seat.

The pictures appear to be a warning, as no faces are shown. In another, Mutami can be seen wearing a black Catwoman suit, tied to a pole. Mutami, who has been in the news for the past month, is a mysterious figure, who has been photographed with numerous Zimbabwean prominent men.

Susan Mutami

The most controversial picture released so far was that of her and opposition leader, Nelson Chamisa. The picture has sparked debate among Zimbabweans, with many wondering what else will be revealed.

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