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More pictures and videos of DJ Levels and Shashl

Everywhere you go people are talking about DJ Levels and it’s not about his talents as a music producer at Chillspot Records. People are talking about his big DICK and his leaked video with Zim dancehall singer Shashl.

The video and picture have soon gone viral but that’s not it, there is more… We found more pictures and videos of the two that actually show that they were a couple once and had a blast making sex videos! It was their thing and now they are paying the price… or rather Shashl is paying the price as we suspect DJ Levels is the one who leaked the pictures and videos to spite Shashl and her bf…

Anyways here are a few more pictures of DJ Levels and Shashl when things were still OK, before the honeymoon phase ended… it was sex pictures are sex pictures!

Levels and Shashl

I think you will agree with Shashl that size does matter and never thing otherwise!

Levels and Shashl

They enjoyed making porn together, if music fails they can always be pornstars, well wait, there are already pornstars…

Levels and Shashl

Watch the video of the two having a blast, they were clearly a loving couple… I think Levels messed it up!

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