Mom Please HELP, Man has SEX with his MOTHER with the BLESSING of his WIFE

Another Northern NY winter storm piled heavy, wet snow on mom’s roof and collapsed it, and caused extensive damage. Apparently, the wet snow set off an electrical fire when it shorted her Xmas tree. The family house, where I spent my first twenty years, was gutted then flooded by fire hoses. Dad had passed some years back so she lived alone and, at thirty-nine, was young enough to be self sufficient, yet still socially active – even dating! She only lived forty minutes from me, so it made sense to invite her to stay with us for the many months the insurance would take to rebuild the house.

Though very conservative, mom was attractive and pleasant company so we didn’t mind having her around. Though she kept it well hidden, her 33D-22-34 figure turned heads and in a cocktail dress, she made burley men swoon. Honestly, she had the same beautiful face as, though a touch heavier than, Rena Sofa. Shoulder length raven hair with stunning bright blue eyes made her face a paragon of pulchritude. She was different out of her home environment – more assertive and a little opinionated. She frequently vented her anger and frustration over the recent presidential election. “How could so many people be so STUPID?! How could they believe the outright, proven lies of a racist, bigot, misogynist, chiseler and tax evader!!? I JUST CAN’T FATHOM IT. It still makes me sick! Just look at the fundamentalist, racist cabinet he built! AAArrrgh!”

Politics and religion in one PJ wrenching outburst! “Mom, mom, we totally agree, but what’s done is done. Let’s hope for the best and let it go until he gets impeached.” That brought a little smile, a nod and a warm hug as her anger waned. We leaned against her and the second button of her PJs popped open. I got an enduring look at her full, plush cleavage and edged stealthily to expose her nipple. The last time I had a good look at it was too many years ago. Then, I was too young to care, now, I was curious and my dick twitched. Over mom? We broke the hug and she saw where I was looking. She slapped my arm HARD as she clutched her top – and giggled. There’s hope?

Sue and I always sleep nude, even in winter. We sometimes used that to break the ice with guests we wanted to seduce by ‘forgetting’ they were visiting and accidentally wandering around naked where they could see us. Depending on how well we chose our guests, they either shrieked and hid, or laughed and relaxed. We then quickly got them naked by suggestion or play wrestling and tag team stripping them. The result was either a faux blasé acceptance, or some high energy groping and more.

Even when my mom, Geraldine, came to live with us, we still slept nude, but curtailed our naked wanderings just for her sake. While she slept in flannels or a long nightshirt and wore a robe over either when she came to breakfast, we threw on loosely tied robes as we got to the table. After a long and constrained, conservative week, Sue became more and more ‘careless’ with her short robe. In frustration, she made sure it frequently billowed open so my mom had near constant views of her tiny right tit.

The first time, mom gasped and nearly shouted at Sue to cover up. Sue looked down at her exposed tit with long deliberation and slowly covered up. When mom told her she was showing everything, Sue answered “It’s no big deal, mom. It’s just US. You know Al sees me completely naked every day and you and I have the same body parts, right? But your boobs are much nicer and bigger than my teeny bumps. Oh what I could do with exposing and teasing if my tits were as full and pretty as yours. Oh, and one tit is very far from showing ‘EVERYTHING,’ you know?”


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