Megan the SLUT WIFE – she f#ucked about 65 MEN


“Hi, my name is Jason. My I sit here?”


“Or I guess I should say sit here and buy you a drink since that is why I came over here.”

“Is it now?”

“Yes, well every guy in here is thinking about how to approach you so I figure I better not waste any time.”

“Or what?” Said Megan playfully.

“Or I might not get my chance to talk to you.”

“And where are you hoping that might lead?”

“Just as far as you are willing to let me take it and not a bit farther.”

“Hmmmmm. Chardonnay.”


“I am drinking Chardonnay.”

They chatted for a good 20 minutes getting to know each other. Dennis could tell that this man was getting more of her time.

“So I see that you are married.”

“Yes, I am.” Megan responded while putting her ring finger on his forearm and giving it a gentle squeeze. “As a matter of fact I am glad you asked. You see I am here with my husband and we are very adventurous. He likes to watch me have sex with other men.”

“I see.” Said Jason just a bit tentatively. “So is that what you are looking for here tonight.”

“Yes. So how is that for just how far I am willing to take it or is it a bit too far?” She laughed. As she paused and looked into his eyes they both knew that if it wasn’t him it would be another man. She would get what she wanted and it wouldn’t be him taking her anywhere but the other way around. “I’ll have sex with you tonight if my husband can watch. He won’t participate. He’ll just sit in the corner quietly.”

“Hmmmm. How do I know you aren’t just going to knock me over the head and take my money?”

“Well I guess you don’t. But we are registered guests at the hotel. And do I look like the type of woman who would do all this for whatever you have in your wallet.”

“No you look like you could get a lot more than that.”

“Exactly. So am I worth the risk or not.”

“You are.”

“Good.” Megan took out her phone and sent Dennis a text instructing him to return to the room, ‘pull a chair into the farthest corner with the lights out and don’t move or speak unless addressed’. He followed her directions immediately.

Meanwhile Megan took her time chatting with Jason. She wanted to slowly get closer and warm up to his physical contact and she wanted to make Dennis wait. Megan enjoyed being in control of both men.

Fifteen minutes later she gave Jason a kiss on the lips and said. “I think it is time you paid the bill so we can go.”

When that was done she got up from her seat, took Jason’s hand and led him out of the bar. She was always very aware of every little nuance of body language. Lead or let him lead. Touch him or don’t. Let him watch you from behind or make him ache to do so. In this case she was leading him, letting others know she had chosen him, letting him watch her hips sway, connecting to him with a touch. All the little details set the stage.

When they got into the elevator she moved closer, put her arms around his neck and gave him a deep kiss. She wanted them to be already on intimate terms before Dennis saw them. She kept her lips close to his and said. “When we get to the room just pretend he isn’t there. It is just you and me having a forbidden rendezvous.”

When they got to the room she unlocked the door then took his hand and led him in. Megan wanted to make it clear to Dennis that she wanted this man…this would be different than the cheesy motel set-up. She dropped her purse on the side table and stood at the foot of the bed with her lover in front of her. Then she took his hands and put them on the spaghetti straps of her dress, inviting him to undress her. He slowly pulled them off of her shoulders then moved in to kiss her neck and gently caress her bare arms. Jason unzipped the back and peeled the dress off of her torso, revealing her full perky tits.

In profile Dennis could see her hard nipples and even the goose flesh the signalled her genuine enjoyment. Jason took his time to touch and gently squeeze her breasts as her dress fell to the floor. Then he got onto his knees and pulled down her panties. As she stepped out of them Jason moved closer to smell the musty scent of her sex then gently licked her neatly trimmed pussy. She put her hand on the back of his head and puled him into her.

After a few moments she beckoned him upward and slowly peeled his clothes off to reveal his trim fit body. She too got on her knees when she took of his underwear and gently licked and suckled the head of his cock. Unlike the other men in the motels and swing club she would not put a condom on Jason.

Megan stood up again. They spent a long while touching, caressing and exploring one another’s bodies. He kissed her and nuzzled into her the way Dennis knew she liked. This wasn’t just rough fucking for his voyeuristic pleasure. She was enjoying herself and Dennis could tell that is what she wanted. Jealousy shot through him as he realized this man was giving her what she wanted not just playing out Dennis’s dirty fantasy.