The next time the topic came up she agreed promptly and suggested the location. They lived in New York but would travel to Chicago and stay at a specific hotel. It was a bit more ambitious and expensive than he had in mind but he went along readily.

Megan, had already done her research. This hotel had an active bar and attracted many of the more affluent business travellers. She was done slumming through her husband’s dirty fantasies on a budget. She was going to enjoy the trip, the hotel and hopefully her sexual encounter because she would take charge.

Her target would most likely be a business man and they were most likely to be around on a week night. The flew to Chicago on a Sunday.

The next morning was warm and sunny. She put on a light floral sundress with hem 4″ above her knee, spaghetti straps and a mostly open back along with 4″ wedge booty style sandals. The outfit was more feminine than sultry but it was very revealing. Over breakfast she told Dennis that she would be away all day. She would provide him relevant instructions throughout the day and the next time she would see him was in the lobby bar.

“What do you have planned Megan?”

“None of your business.”

“Ok. Um. I was hoping…”

“No.” She cut him off in mid-sentence. “This time it will be about my pleasure not your fantasy. Do as you like with your day and be ready when I text you.” Then she got up and walked away. Her demeanour was warm as always – not haughty or condescending – but she had reclaimed control the way he remembered her doing when they first dated. She had turned it on just like that and he could feel the ground slip away beneath his feet, but there was no going back now.

Megan had arranged with the concierge to set-up a few hours of spa time – wax, mani, pedi and facial – at a local spa for 3:00. She spent the morning shopping and had lunch at a sidewalk cafe first. It was a day about her indulgence and connecting with her former free-spirited self. She was hit on a half a dozen times and she reconnected with her ability to embrace and enjoy it.

As she left the spa it was after 5:00. She felt sexy and free as she strode down with her bags of newly purchased clothes. She attracted many looks and enjoyed it. Megan had already scoped out a coffee shop near their hotel. She stopped in and sent Dennis a text instructing him to leave the hotel and go down the street to have a drink at a little pub she had seen. From a discrete location in the coffee shop she saw him walk by a few moments later. She left and went to their hotel.

Megan scoped out the lobby and the level of activity in the piano bar – still quiet but looked very promising. She went up to their room and pulled her favourite little black dress from the closet. Much like her sundress it had spaghetti straps an open back and high hemline, but the bodice hugged her body and below the waist the material hung loosely on her curves flowing with and accentuating her every move.

She stripped down to nothing. Then she slowly put on her thigh high backseam stockings one at a time. Next came her tiny black thong. Followed by her favourite LaBoutin 4″ pumps before she admired her mostly naked body in the mirror. Megan took her time applying just a hint of eyeshadow and red lipstick. Then she slipped on her LBD pulling everything into place (she does not wear a bra with this dress).

Megan looked at herself in the full length mirror. She was stunning. And she realized that taking control was the right thing to do. Dennis loved her but the strength of her sexuality and the weakness of his desire was too much for him. She should have known better. Perhaps she should be using that control to return them to monogamy but the genie was out of the bottle now…for both of them.

It was about 8:00 p.m. by the time she got down to the bar. It seemed a bit early but she wanted to make sure she could stake out a good position at the bar. It was already quite busy with the after work crowd settled in. Happily a spot right at the end of the bar at the corner was available. She ordered a glass of wine then texted Dennis to come and find a discrete place in the bar. He was not to approach her or text her. Just wait patiently for further instructions.

Two men were chatting her up when Dennis entered and found himself a lounge chair across the bar. Megan had always been adept at dealing with men and managed to chat politely and warmly with several men over the course of an hour, but each were eventually turned away. She hadn’t found the right one yet. But as an ancillary benefit Dennis was able to observe the intensity of male interest and her mastery of the situation. Seeing her in that way was critical to how she managed wherever their relationship went from here.

Around 9:30 a very well dressed man who appeared to be in his mid-30s approached her. She guessed he was about 6’1″, 180 lbs and very svelt. He seemed like a guy who was fit but naturally lean.


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