Slut wife

It was only a couple months before their wedding when Megan’s fiance Dennis asked how many men she had been with before him. He knew she was no innocent flower, but nor did he see her as especially promiscuous. So he was taken aback when she told him she wasn’t exactly sure but about 65. His number was 10 and there was no uncertainty in the count.

His mind raced through the math. She was only 24 and they had been dating for a year at that time…that was about one man a month since she turned 18 and he knew that is how old she was when she lost her virginity.

Megan knew he would be shocked by the number. But she always preferred to be honest, especially with the man she was going to marry. Frankly she was a bit relieved that he asked. She didn’t want any secrets between them and while she did not see her experience as a big deal she knew lots of guys would. It was better for this to be out in the open before they got married.

Megan had always been a bit different than the other girls. At an early age her mother told her that with her beauty it was inevitable that men would lust over her…not just a few but virtually every heterosexual male. Pretending otherwise is not idealistic or virtuous. It is silly and delusional and would make her vulnerable to jerks. It is a woman’s prerogative and obligation to be in control of her body and her sex and insist that men behave themselves. But that should never be confused with encouraging them to be dishonest about their true nature. To be independent and strong you must see the world and people as they are.

She was always more comfortable with male sexuality than her friends and contemporaries. Ironically it was the absence of fear-mongering and shame that so many parents inflict on their children that paved the way for her to make the very mature decision to wait until early adulthood for her first experience. By the age of 18 she had watched her beautiful mother masterfully navigate male relationships and developed her own strong sense of self.

Her first experience was with an older man. He was almost 30. She had known him for some time, and as her mother had taught her, saw him for what he was. He was a nice man, with natural sexual desire for her going through a lonely patch in his own life. She did not imagine him to be any kind of stereotypical perfection – just another human being with which to enjoy an experience.

And enjoy it she did. From that first time Megan liked sex. She didn’t seem particularly promiscuous to Dennis because she didn’t fit any conventional perceptions. She didn’t fuck any guy who asked or chase one-night stands or try to win approval by spreading her legs. She liked men, was comfortable around them, understood their sexuality with an innate wisdom and had sex with the ones she liked. She was subtle, discrete and mature. Dennis’s math was correct. It had been about one new man per month since losing her virginity.

From Megan’s point of view one new man a month is positively discerning considering she gets hit on every day. She is 5’5″, athletic but shapely, 120 lbs. with perky ‘C’ cup breasts and straight brown hair. As soon as she locks those pretty brown eyes on you she goes from being obviously pretty to being a mature, intelligent, sexy siren. And she exudes a warmth and comfort that puts men at ease. They know at once they she could crush them under her heel but won’t. And when she likes a man she couldn’t care less what anyone else thinks.

When she told Dennis how many men she had been with she could tell it threw him for a loop. She didn’t apologize (she wasn’t sorry). She didn’t offer sympathy (coming from her that would just rub it in). She sat silently while he absorbed the information then asked if he wanted to know anything more. He did and she knew it but at that point he was afraid to ask. The situation was obvious. Out of 65 there was surely a man with a bigger cock or a better lay or more money or whatever else he might find intimidating. But the number itself was intimidating enough. She loved him and wanted to marry him. She had been faithful and if she hadn’t been or ever cheated she was the type of woman who would tell him outright.


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