Mai Prince caught red handed

As January is coming to end we thought we had seen it all but here is one more scandal that rocked social media right at the end of January.

A woman is known to us as Mai Prince was caught red-handed poking a married man. What’s worse is that she is also married and had lied to the man that her husband had passed away.

The short video gathered by Mbare Times shows the two lovebirds being confronted by a group of people we suspect to be Baba Prince and his friends.

The man openly admits that he is married and didn’t know Mai Prince was married. He said he thought they had left each other, he even thought the husband was dead.

How is that for a scandal to end the January Disease that has rocked the nation… With Stunner and Mudiwa making noise in one corner, this ought to take the crown. Don’t even mention Prof with his words of February, this is the scandal of the year so far.

To those who wish to watch the full video, here is the link where you can see Mai Prince and this mystery men vari musvo!

Watch Video here:

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