She went over to the register to talk to the only employee readily apparent in the shop. The two chatted for a fair amount of time before Nat came over and hooked a finger at me. I sighed and followed, resigned to fetching suits if the ones she had were in the wrong size.

“Yvette told me that her coworker called in sick today. She can’t leave the register and I might need help with these suits.” Nat prattled.

“I figured.”

She walked around a couple of corners into a secluded area. There were changing rooms like you see most places and a couple sets of full length mirrors set at angles so people could see their suits from almost every angle without having to turn around much. Nat flounced into one of the changing rooms and the door clicked shut.

I thumbed through texts and e-mail and checked social media on a seat near the door.

“What do you think?” Nat asked.

I raised my eyes and saw a black racing suit hugging my sister’s body so tight that it might as well have been paint. “I think that suit is not going to expose you to anyone unless you want it to.”

She chuckled. “I think so, too.” The door clicked shut again behind her. “I want to get a new suit for the beach. Some friends are having a bonfire and all of my suits are too old.”

“Do what you gotta do.”

I returned my attention to my phone, checking sports scores and doing everything I could to stave off boredom. Yvette trotted back to ask how Nat was doing. I told her that all was well and she smiled and bolted back to the register.

“Cam, can you give me a hand with this suit?”

I locked my phone. “Sure.”

The suit she had on left almost as little to the imagination as the absence of one after her swim. Worse – or better, depending how you look at it – the top was open in the back and she was holding it in place with a hand.

“I think I got this one a size too small, but I want to be sure.”

“Fair enough.” I mucked about with the thing that hooks it together and got it to stay.

Meanwhile, my memory decided that it would replay my earlier glimpse of what was under the hand that was holding the top in place. My prick stood up in appreciation. Nat really did have great breasts: small, pert, with nipples that invited the idea of sucking them.

“Definitely too small.” Nat commented, slipping a hand behind her to release the top. It needed two hands, though, and she slipped both hands behind her before she realized what would happen. The taut material, released from tension, shot into the mirror like a rubber band. Nat stepped back, startled and her hand landed on my hard shaft. She froze, the turned to face me, her hand never leaving my cock. “That’s not.”

“Bigger than it should be, all things considered.” I tried to back out of the changing stall, but the door closed behind me. My eyes were drawn to her breasts again and her nipples looked more inviting up close than they had from a distance. A hand drifted up and cupped one, twirling the nipple between my fingers.

She bit her lip. “That feels good, Cam.” Her hand began stroking my cock in time with what I did to her breast. “I haven’t been very nice to you, dropping my suit in front of you then dragging you out where you’d see me in more revealing suits.”

I shuddered out a breath. “It’s not terribly nice, no.”

She nodded. “I think I’ll make it up to you.”

I was going to ask what she meant, but her hand slid into the shorts I had on, fished out my cock, and wrapped around it. I stopped talking at that point, my mind focused on only two things: the tit in my hand and the hand around my cock. I brought up my other hand and fondled her other breast. There was no thought of whose tits were in my hands, only that I was holding two amazing tits and that I was getting an awesome hand job.

I managed to whisper, “I’m close. Are we making a mess of my shorts?”

Nat smiled sweetly, knelt down, and wrapped her mouth around the head of my prick. Her tongue licked the underside of the head and her hand kept pumping the shaft. It was not long before I emptied myself into her waiting mouth. She pumped me a few times, cleaned off the head, then stood up and swallowed. I didn’t say anything. I didn’t know what to say. So, she got dressed and grabbed the two suits she wanted and we left the dressing rooms. Nat went straight to the cashier while I took the other suits back. I need a moment to process what had happened and what it meant and the mindlessness of putting away swim suits helped, though it did remind me of what had just happened.

We had stayed too long, so Nat directed me to a drive-through and we grabbed some food on our way home, eating in the car.

Once home, we tossed our laundry in with the rest and made our way to the showers to get the chlorine smell off us.

My parents had converted the basement into an apartment for my oldest sibling, who had moved out a while ago, and it was too cold for the next in line, so I got it. It had its own entrance and its own bathroom, so I was set. I started with a hot shower, to get the pool smell off me, then shifted to cold when I realized I once again had a raging hard on remembering my little sister’s great breasts and the impromptu blow job she had given me.

Like most guys with sisters, I could see that mine were hot and that lots of guys would want to fuck them, but I didn’t count myself in the group of guys actively trying to get into either of my sisters’ pants. I stepped out of the shower, still thinking about things, and bumped into Nat.

“Hey, Cam, can we talk?” Her question almost hurt. Of course we could talk. I just didn’t trust myself to make much sense.

I nodded. “Sure.”

“What happened at the store …” She trailed off, looking for the words.

I wanted to help her out. “It was nice of you to think of me, Nat. Seeing an attractive body can make things hard for a guy.” She smirked. “Difficult, then.” She nodded once.

“Was it okay?”

My eyebrows furrowed. “It was great.”

“I don’t have much experience.”

“You did great.” I was trying to figure out where she was going with this. The situation was beginning to make me uncomfortable. She was sitting on my bed in a night shirt that came about halfway down her thighs and I was wrapped in only a towel. I could see that the chill of the basement was causing her nipples to harden and protrude under the shirt and my prick, in reply, was pushing the towel out like it was a coat hanger.

“You’ll probably think I’m silly, but I’ve waited on sex, because I want my first time to be with someone I am absolutely sure I love.” She was staring at her hands, fiddling with some part of the design on her shirt.

I shook my head, even though I knew she couldn’t see the motion. “It’s not silly. It’s a good idea. Less likely to regret it that way.”

She looked at me then, her expression settled and the agitation mostly gone. “Would you do something for me?”


She scooted over next to me. “Kiss me?”

I leaned in and kissed her on the cheek. She shook her head and looked like she was going to get up before she turned back to me and her lips met mine. My first impulse was shock and a bit of revulsion – most guys are trained to think that the idea of kissing their siblings is gross – but my body was quick to remind me that, sister or no, her body was amazing and she had made the first move. Her lips were soft and her tongue flicked at my lips, seeking entry. My tongue met hers and we sat there, out tongues twining and caressing one another. Our hands followed their lead and hers began to run up and down my bare chest. My own ran up and down her sides and sent a message to my brain: She wasn’t wearing underwear.

Her hands unwrapped me and left my entire body naked in front of her before she reached down and lifte dher shirt up and over her head. I kissed my way down her cheek and neck to her breasts and sucked on those inviting nipples. My teeth nibbled and my tongue swirled and flicked. Her fingers ran through my damp hair and sometimes clutched tightly, holding me against her.

I shifted and twisted and she was on the bed underneath me. I kissed and licked down her belly to her clitoris and began to tentatively flick it with my tongue. She writhed and pressed up into my mouth, so I took it as an invitation. I sucked on her clit and plunged my tongue into her depths until she held my head steady and her walls pulsed around my tongue.

I kissed my way back up and our tongue renewed their dance. I was trying to position myself to enter her, but the difference in height made it challenging. She reached down and aligned me with her opening, my head just within the folds of her lips.

“Are you sure you want this?” I asked.

Her answer was to buck her hips up into me and gasp as my length plumbed her depths. Knowing that she had no experience in this area, I set a leisurely pace, enjoying the feel of entering – her walls cradling my shaft snug – and withdrawing – the sensation like her body was trying to keep me inside her. We kept this for a while – a dance of tongues set to the slow cadence of bodies pressing into one another.

I paused to adjust my position and she pushed a shoulder, giving me a lead that she wanted to be on top. I rolled over and she lined me up and slid me back inside her. I lay back and savored the sensation, her pelvis grinding against mine. I fondled her breasts again, tweaking and twisting the nipples and driving her to a faster pace.

I knew I was getting close and let her know. “Nat, I’m going to cum soon.”

She seemed oblivious, reveling in the sensations.

“Nat …”

“I heard.” she interrupted. She came again, her walls squeezing my shaft as if trying to milk it. When the pulsing subsided, she returned to grinding us together, this time in earnest. I felt the tightness in my balls, the subtle extra swelling of my cock, and emptied myself inside her. The new sensation caused her to stop moving. She ran a finger down to her clit and brought herself to another orgasm with me still buried inside her and shrinking.

She stretched out on me like blanket; like a cat might lay on your back. We stayed there a while, then she got up and showered in my bathroom. On her way back out, she leaned down and kissed me lightly. “Thanks, Cam.”

“For what?”

“For a first time I won’t regret.” She smiled a sweet smile and walked out.

I pulled up a blanket and went to sleep. I should’ve at least put boxers on. My memory enjoyed messing with me in my dreams and my body thought we got another go. It wasn’t, though. It never happened again, after that night.

Story by: by Psahro