We had an uneventful dinner with the usual family talk of politics, my sister’s ex husband and all the nieces and nephews activities at school and sports. My sister said she was going to put together desert, some type of cake I hate. So I got up from the table and followed her into the kitchen. Our whole family was in the dinning room only feet away behind some sliding doors.

My sister was at the sink pouring batter into a pan when I came up behind her. She knew I was there. I think she might have been expecting another pat on the ass. I stood closely behind her and put my hand on her ass. “I’m just checking” I whispered to her. She was wearing dark cotton pants and silk blouse. I quickly moved my hand down over the curve of her ass and in between her legs. I started rubbing her pussy through her pants. I was rubbing softly but firmly. I thought she would push my hand away immediately but she didn’t.

I could actually feel her push her pussy into my hand. I could feel my hand reach the front of her crotch and then back again. The soft cloth material enabled me to feel her sex. I was touching my sister’s genitals. Through clothes but I was touching my sister’s pussy. “Gary we can’t. Mom and Dad are right there.” She leaned her head back and rubbed her cheek against mine. “You’re my brother, this is so wrong. We have to stop.”

I kept rubbing her pussy through her legs as I raised my left hand and brought it up to her breast. I cupped her left breast and then moved it over to her right tit. Feeling her hardening nipple in my hand through her silk shirt and then back to her right breast giving special attention to her hard nipple. Andrea, my sister, was now breathing deeply and gasping with a slight moan as I rubbed her nipple. Our bodies were rubbing against each other and I pushed my hard cock against her left ass cheek as my hand searched for her clit hidden beneath her clothes. I must have found it.

“Aahhh Gary,” my sister moaned my name softly for the first time. Thrilling to hear. I don’t know how long I was rubbing my sister’s pussy but I heard my Mom calling out and then a chair moved. Followed by my mom talking to my dad as I, their son, played with their daughter’s pussy in the next room. My mom could be out her any second. “AHHHhahhh, Gary we can’t.”

I reached down and stroked my sister’s clit more urgently. “Mom’s coming, she’s coming,” so my sister heard my mom call out. I continued to move my hand back forth over her cotton covered pussy. “Ahhh stop, ahh you have to stop.” and she started to try to move away from me. I knew she was close to cumming. Suddenly her hands grasped the sink, “Ohh no, ohh, no, you’re my brother” and she pushed her pussy against my hand as I stroked the area I thought her clit would be, “Ohhh fuck, fuck me,” she quietly moaned. Her face contorted into the same expression she had the night at the hotel. This time from her brother touching her pussy. I was the one making my sister cum.

She continued to push her pussy against my hand which was rubbing her and she thrusted her breast into my other hand. I pushed my cock as hard as I could against her butt with a slight motion of up and down her ass. “I’m cumming, you fuck, we can’t do this, no noonono,” she gasped quietly, “fuck me.”

She pushed her mound hard against my hand once more and then stopped her pressure, humping of my hand, as I continued to stroke her pussy. She rubbed her cheek against me and I kissed her softly on her cheek. She looked back at me with those hazy eyes. The crotch of her pants had soaked from her wetness when she came. I leaned into her ear and said “I wanted to fuck you so bad,” I gave her a last stroke of her pussy and grope of both her tits and nipples and then let her go stepping away from her.

Andrea was still grasping the sink when my mother came out seconds later.

“Are you ready, Andrea. Is it done cooking.”

Andrea let go of the sink and turned to my mother speechless. Her nipples were hard pointing out through her shirt. Luckily she was wearing dark pants so my mother couldn’t see wetness of the crotch of her pants.

I looked at her as she was coming down from her orgasm and said to my mom,” She had trouble getting started, with the batter, but it’s pouring out now. I ‘ll put it in her oven for her. Go relax Andrea.”

My mom said, “Let Gary finish it for you. You’ve had stressful time. You look tired.” My sister on shaky legs went and sat with the rest of the family.

I could not believe I had just brought my sister to an orgasm with my mom and dad only one room away. Can you say homicide. My parents would kill me if they knew.

I had finally felt those luscious tits of hers. My sister has the biggest, softest breast. I can’t believe I told her I wanted to fuck her. My own sister. Saying those words to my sister. Oh well. She already knew I wanted to fuck her, for certain after what happened today, anyway. Would my sister let me fuck her?

STORY BY: yourawful

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