Erin looked over nervously at sister and said hesitantly , “Goodmorning.” She was doing better then me I stared the other way. But then again she at least had some clothes on.

My sister replied, “God it was little noisy last night. I got woken up in the middle of the night by some wild, noisy people,” and then she laughed lightening the tension.

” I blame your brother,” Erin said. “He is incorrigible.”

“You didn’t seem to mind last night ” Andrea responded.

Then she looked me as I turned towards them. “You bad boy. I’m going to tell mom.” I almost had a heartattack. “Only kidding little brother. We’re all adults. No big deal. But control yourselves. Polite roommates do it quieter or take it to the bathroom. Who’s taking a shower first.”

“I am.” Erin said quickly, embarrassed she ran off to the bathroom.

Andrea laid in bed several minutes until the shower started and then did the same thing as Erin. She was moving around at the bottom of the bed like a crazy person. Then she scrambled back and her head poked out of the cover. I could see her t-shirt covering her luscious breast. She looked over at the bathroom door where the shower was still running and then at me.

She moved over to the side of the bed and then planted her feet on the hotel carpet. She pushed the covers off her body as her hands cleared the covers I saw she was holding her silk pajama bottoms and a pair of underwear. Also even with her legs together I could see the top of her bush. She dropped the pair of pajama bottoms and looked at me. Gave me a light smile. My sister reached down with her underwear to her feet and put one leg then the other through them. With her legs slightly apart her full, dark, womanly bush was on full displayed. I stared hypnotically. I could see the hint of pussy. She stood up and started to pull on her boyshort panties. I stared up between her legs at her pussy lips slightly hidden beneath her pubic hair. Then her black boyshort panties pulled up over her crotch and ass. Beautiful.

The shower had stupid along with my heart beat. My sister quickly grabbed her silk pajama bottoms from the bed and clumsily pulled them on balancing on one leg then the other. She heard the faucet running and looked at me again. I reached down to the bottom of my bed and after some searching found my boxers. I quickly jumped out of bed. Naked with my cock hard from my sister’s show. I didn’t even realize I was erect until I lowered my head to pull on my boxers. I slipped them on and then looked over to my sister who was looking at the tent in my shorts. The door to the bathroom started to open and I jumped back into bed.

Erin came into the room and asked “Who’s next?”

“I am” my sister stated as she headed to the bathroom with some clothes she had just grabbed from her bag. My girlfriend came over to me and kissed me with her fresh breathe and clean smelling skin. I kissed her back. “That wasn’t so bad. I just hope she doesn’t bring up in front of our families.”

“I don’t think she will” I said. I kissed her again and then moved my hand to her breast. I cupped her breast and felt are tongues tangle as the kiss grew deeper. Erin moved her hand to my cock and felt my erection. “You are so bad. You can’t get enough of me. Of my pussy,” she whispered in me ear. She stopped stroking me.

” I don’t want your sister seeing you with an erection tenting your shorts.” She got off the bed. She lowered her voice and said, Try to think of something besides fucking me or that will never go done.” My sister opened the bathroom door and walked into the room. Erin looked at her, “Not a bad shower. Right”

“Felt good.”

Erin and Andrea talked for several minutes and then Erin looked at me “Can you get out of bed yet” .

I jumped out of bed flaccid. The guilt of lusting for my sister while Erin cared for me had deflated me.

I knew that I could get away with something that I never thought I would ever be able to do. My sister reaching out and grabbing my cock and the letting go and saying just checking had given me the freedom to fondle her. At least once. If she could grab my privates. I could grab her at least once without serious repercussions. She couldn’t call the cops or my family after all she had touched me. I was only evening the score. I knew I could only get away with fondling her without permission, once.

I needed to do it soon so it would seem related to the other night in the hotel with Erin. She might not like it and push me away but I would get away with it with no more than “Don’t do it again.” I had only one shot at this. Should I go for her breast which had been a long fantasy to cup and squeezed them. I had never seen her breast but I had seen her bush twice. It was tempting.

I decided to go for her pussy. I had only one chance and I thought why not go for the gold. I would have to do it over her clothes but I wanted to touch her so bad. Also I wouldn’t stop until she stopped me. Not said stop but physically pushed me hand away. If she only said stop I was going to keep going until she took her hand and pushed mine away.

My sister came to a family party about two weeks later. It was the first time I had seen her since the night at the hotel. She was once again without her kids who were with their father. When I came in it was like nothing had happened other then a slight stare at each other for a second. As she talked to my mother about what was cooking for dinner I stood behind her. My mom moved the opposite way towards the stove. I reached down and gave her our usual slap on the butt. This time with a little follow up squeeze of one of her cheeks. She looked back at me and then said smiling “Leave my butt alone”.


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