I looked over at Andrea who was eyeing my slick cock. She looked me in the eyes one last time and then turned over on her side facing the wall. I dropped my exhausted body onto the bed beside Erin. I cuddled up against her and cupped her breast. She opened her glazed eyes and gave me a kiss on lips. Erin lazily turned her head to look over my at my sister. Out of breathe, tiredly she whispered almost inaudibly, ” she heard us.” then again “For sure she heard us. Your sister heard us fuck.”

“Who cares. She’s a big girl. I needed you so bad.”

“I need it too.”

I said, “We’ll deal with it tomorrow. She’s not going to say anything.”

Sleepily Erin said, “Who cares it felt so good. Good night baby.” She closed her eyes and started drifting off to sleep.

My sister had seen me cum. While I was fucking her best friend. I had looked into her eyes as she had masturbated herself to an organism watching me fuck her friend. My sister had been looking in my eyes as I came. I had seen my sister contort her body and face in ecstasy as she came. My sister had seen my ass, my cock and me fucking. This was the best day of my life. The peak.

I laid there thinking these things as Erin fell a sleep. My dick had stayed hard for nearly half an hour after the fuck session with these thoughts. I lifted myself up and looked over at my sister who seemed to be sleeping. Erin was sleeping. I wanted to get up and pee. My Boxers were somewhere kicked off at the bottom of the bed. I didn’t want to wake Erin looking for them. My sister was sleeping. Fuck it I would get up naked. My sister had seen me fucking who cares if she caught me naked now.

But then I thought Erin didn’t know Andrea was watching us fuck and masturbated starring into my eyes. Erin is a sleep, if she wakes up I will just tell her the truth I thought every one was a sleep.

I gently got out of bed and quietly made my way to the bathroom. I peed and flushed. I took the wash cloth and washed my dick off and then dried it with a towel. I looked at myself naked in the mirror. I thought whoa, what a night. I thought about Andrea my sister out there. Laying in bed. Sleeping off her orgasm from watching me fuck Erin. I reached down and gave my cock a few strokes. I wanted to stop and then thought I wanted to walk back to my bed naked and hard.

The idea of being naked and hard while my sister slept in bed was a turn on. So I opened the door to the bathroom and took a step out. Forgetfully, I reached back into the bathroom and turned off the light. I had been totally visible from the beds in the light from the bathroom. I walked back towards the bed naked with my erect cock. My night vision had been destroyed by the bathroom light and had not adjusted back so I uncertainly made my way. I was about to get back into bed when I heard my sister say, “Gary,”

Shocked I stopped cold. I was in the aisle between the bed almost at the nighttable. I was horrified. I had no idea what she was going to say. I was standing naked with my hard cock which was starting to slightly deflate. She repeated, “Gary”

My mouth lacked any kind moisture but I stammered out “Yea”.

She asked what time is it. My eyes couldn’t yet really see good. So I wasn’t sure how she was positioned on the bed and what she could see of me. I slowly moved towards her bed and looked at the clock. “It’s 3:49” I have no idea why I gave the exact time.

Suddenly I could hear her moving as I was standing perfectly still. I felt her hand grasp my cock. I could not believe this was happening. She slowly moved her hand up and down my shaft. My sister was jerking me off. Her fingers were wet with moisture. From her pussy, I realized. My sister was rubbing her pussy juice, her cum on my cock, her brother’s cock. She gave me three or four slow strokes and then two faster ones. Then my sister stopped and said “Just checking” and let go of my cock.

No! No! I was so close to cumming. I was so close to cumming while my sister jerked me off. I just stood there dumbly as she rolled over facing the wall again. I slowly turned toward Erin who was thankfully still sleeping on the other side of our bed. I got into bed and thought about waking Erin. I thought about touching Erin or rubbing my cock against her. But I decided I wanted this to be only about my sister and me. So I started to rub my stiff rod wet with my sister’s pussy juices against my hand. I was already so close to cumming.

I knew I didn’t have much time. My hand was a blur making the obvious sounds of a guy jerking himself off. I was doing my best to try and make that noise. Masturbation. I wanted my sister to hear me jerk off. Finally, I shot my load as my mind pretended it was still my sister jerking me off. Cum now soaked my sheets but I felt so much better. I wanted her to know. I needed to say something to her. I finally said a minute or so after I came thinking about her. Knowing she had heard me jerk off, “Goodnight.” Loud enough for her to hear.

The next morning I woke up at around eight. I felt Erin reaching down to the bottom of the bed. I was like what the heck is she doing. I felt her push my leg and pull a piece of cloth and then another. Crazy. I thought sleepily. Then she came back up over the covers and had her panties and shorts in her hand. She looked over at me. I said,’ I guess that wasn’t a dream.”

She reached down with her panties in her hand and like a contortionist pulled them up over her pussy and ass. “No it wasn’t. you fucked me hard. I’m a little sore,” Erin whispered. Then she reached down and pulled on her shorts. She looked over at Andrea who was now waking up to. Erin jumped out of bed and fixed her shorts. My sister yawned.


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