I quickly gave her several hard thrusts even faster then before, ” Baby don’t make me stop, Forget her,” huffing almost out of breathe, ” Do you want me to stop, Errn”

“Fuck her. Baby don’t stop,’ she whispered, “I’m so close. Keeeepp fucking me”, she quietly gasped out to me. Now I was turbo charged. My sister was awake listening to her little brother fuck her best friend. It was the most sexually charged moment of my entire life. This had just became the best sex I had ever had. The covers that had been covering us had slid down slightly to right above my ass as I hammered in and out of Erin. I took Erin’s arms by the wrist in my hands and pinned them to the bed.

On the next thrust the sheets pulled down farther and on the next stroke fell past my butt onto the back on my legs. Now if my sister was looking she could see her little brother’s ass and maybe his cock as it moved in and out her best friend. She could see Erin’s tits and her legs wrapped around me. I was slamming into Erin and I could almost feel the noise bouncing off us towards my sister. I hadn’t looked over to my sister’s bed. I don’t know why. It was just so weird to be having sex in front of the girl I had groan up with, who had teased me. Pushed me around, tattletaled on me, played monopoly and battleship with.

Suddenly Erin tensed up and arched towards me as I almost held her to bed by the wrist as she pushed her pussy against me trying to hold my cock in her. She had her eyes closed tightly and practically shouted so loud that the reception two floors down heard her let alone my sister, “ohhh god, Ahhhhh.” I was so close to cumming. But I held back. I looked over to my sister’s bed. She was on her back staring at us.

I could see her hands moving underneath the covers. Her one hand seemed to be rubbing her breast gently while her other hand was between her legs moving over her pussy frantically. Her eyes were watching us then closing from ecstasy. As I fucked Erin through her orgasm, my tempo picked up again after slowing and I once again began to pound into her. As I stroked in and out of Erin who had her eyes closed in the bliss of her orgasm, I stared directly at Andrea, my sister. Andrea was watching each stroke looking us up and down. Following my ass and cock, her brother’s, as I pushed through Erin’s pussy as my sister in the next bed played with her own pussy. Finally her eyes moved up to my own.

We locked eyes for a second then she quickly she closed her eyes and looked away. Startled at suddenly not being the unknown voyeur. I was afraid that I had scared her off. But I looked down at her hand flying over her pussy and then back at her face as I continued to slam in and out Erin feeling my own orgasm approach. This time her eyes were open and staring at me. We again locked eyes. I could not believe this was happening I was staring into my sister’s eyes as I fucked. Unfortunately, I wasn’t fucking her but her friend. But God it was good. I had hit a new level of thrill. We stared at each other. No words. Each of us caught in our separate lusts. But there was a connection between us. Beyond words.

I lustfully lowered my eyes down to her hand abusing her pussy for several seconds and when I returned my gaze to her face her eyes were watching me pound into Erin. My sister brought her intense stare back to my face and we locked eyes again. My sister closed her eyes and grimaced and then opened them again as she arched her back. And then closed them again as her mouth which was gaping open in silent panting suddenly opened wide and I could barely hear my sister grunt and then grunt again and then with her mouth gaping open wide silently gasp as she lowered her back and than relax her body.

I looked down at Erin who had not heard a thing as she still had her eyes closed and was enjoying her own orgasm building. I looked over at Andrea my sister and her hand had slowed down and was now only slowly stroking her pussy. Her eyes were still closed as I stared at her face and then suddenly they opened again. My sister stared at me with her hazy eyes.

I realized that I had just watched my sister have an orgasm. The look of agony and ecstasy that no brother was meant to see. I had now seen the most intimate side of my sister. The expression on her face when she came. Oooh my god I thought. I lost it I could feel the cum rise up in me, there was no way to stop it. For an instant, I thought about pulling out and directing my cum towards my sister.

But I couldn’t, Erin would know then, she was too far away, my sister might be pissed, that might be going to far. All good reasons but I was too far gone anyway and couldn’t pull out if I wanted to. I slammed my cock into Erin and unloaded a torrent of cum into her pussy. My hips seemed to be on automatic and I slammed into her again and then again more gently. I was staring at my sister when I came and tried to pry my eyes open each time I thrusted so I could look at her.

I suddenly felt Erin’s pussy contract around my cock as she spasmed beneath me in her second orgasm. I suddenly heard her moan lightly and for the first time in several minutes I realized I was in the room fucking some one, my sister and I were not the only people in the room. Erin’s orgasm subsided and my cock though still hard was exhausted. I slowly pulled my cock out of Erin.


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