I searched and found her clit and rubbed a light circle around it as she arched her back and tried to control herself but several moans escaped her lips. My fingers slowly moved lower and slipped through her lips inside her vagina. I pressed against her walls and than pulled them back towards her opening and than forcefully back in as I began to finger fuck her. She made a small hip movement towards my fingers with each thrust of my fingers.

I whispered into her hair, ” I want you so bad. I want to make love to you.” Than more urgently, ” Please fuck me, baby. I need to be inside you.”

She turned her head back to me and quietly said as she gasped for breathe, “We can’t. Your sister.” I quickly thrusted my fingers powerfully against her several times in quick secession. “Ahh, stop we can’t.” She started to reach her hand down to my fingers. I pulled my fingers out of her hole and reached for her clit and gently began rubbing her sex.

” You are so awful,” she moaned as she turned onto her back. I leaned over and kissed her lips as Erin reached for my cock and began rubbing me. “We can’t your sister is right there.” I didn’t want to come so I moved my body towards her and kissed her passionately forcing her to move her hand. I moved my hand out of her panties and along with my now freed right hand grabbed her shorts and quickly pulled them down to her panties. I then put my fingertips into her silk bottoms and pulled them forcefully lower. Her panties and shorts grabbed at her butt. I thought they might ripped and torn off, but then she moved and as she shifted her weight I was able to lower them past her butt and pussy and then her thighs.

We continued kissing then I said ” I ‘ll be real quiet., I promise” and than I added with a half laugh, “and quick.” She smiled, “I want you so bad,” she pushed her face against me, “I don’t know if I can be quiet.” Done deal she wanted to. I moved my self up onto my forearms “Don’t worry I’ll keep you quiet. She’s asleep. Drunk off her ass. She won’t wake up.”

Erin looked over at my sister who was still sleeping peacefully and then back at me. I reached my hand down and pushed her panties and shorts down lower past her knees. She kicked them off her legs and then moved her legs apart. I immediately reached down and pushed my boxers off. I moved my body over Erin and between her legs. I lowered my head and kissed her. She hushedly said “Quietly.” And than smiling, “Quickly. I was close to cumming already. This is crazy.”

I pushed her shirt up and over her tits. She hesitated but deciding what the hell took the shirt over her head. I reached my head lower and sucked on her right nipple and then her left. “Please, put it in me” she whispered. I pulled my head up and pressed her legs farther apart. I pulled myself closer to her and took my cock in my hand and lined it up with her pussy. I slide my cock against her pussy once then twice getting my cock wet with her juices. “ohhh god no more, now” she said hushedly.

I slowly pushed my cock against her lips, teasing her, then pushed past her pussy lips into her. I was now fucking my girlfriend, my sister’s best friend three feet away from where my sister slept. I pulled out and then back in deeper and then again bottoming out in vagina as our pubic areas mashed together. The noise was sexually charged. “Quietly, Quietly,” She whispered to me. I slowed down. Pulling in and out over and over again more controlled . Erin was doing her best to hold herself together but I could tell she was pushing closer to the brink. I was starting to feel need to slam against her. “Ahhh. Faster, harder, ahhhh, quietly, quietly,” she demanded.

On the next stroke I slammed against her and then again I pounded into her she pushed her arm out against me. I think to try to stop me from slamming against her and making so much noise but with my next stroke and then the next noisy collision of are genitals. “Ahhh, oh god fuck me,’ she wrapped her legs against me pulling me deeper as she moved her hands to my butt and then back. “You’ve got the best cock, baby.’ Erin was getting louder with each stroke of my cock.

I pushed my dick into her hole over and over again. Then in a louder voice, “ahhh fuck me ooohhh god fuck me.” She had completely lost all control. The noise level was rising quickly. If she wasn’t going to be quiet I was going to fuck her as hard as possible. I wanted my sister to wake up. I was just waiting for Erin to lose it. I was pounding into her lost in the thought of pussy and cock. My sister barely registered. I had looked over at her several times but she seemed to still be sleeping oblivious to our passion but that had been several minutes ago.

I was now fucking Erin as hard and as fast as I possibly could. The sound of our fucking was obvious. No more pretense. Erin was moaning quietly, gasping rhythmically. ” I’m close” she said too loudly. I was pulling out and pushing into her as far as I could. Erin’s breathing and gasping suddenly stopped. I looked at her and her head was turned towards my sister. She then whispered to me “Ohh no, she’s awake. your sister is awake.”


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