Erin rubbed my arm for a while but I didn’t respond other than give her a peck on the cheek. Andrea jumped into the other bed with the lights off and the women started to drift off to sleep.

I pretended to start to sleep. But I was really letting my sister and Erin fall a sleep. I opened my eyes after a while trying to see how well I could see in the dark. Once my eyes had adjusted I could see relatively well from the light from the clock radio and from the hallway coming underneath the door. I had already decided to let some time pass and let the girls fall asleep.

My sister needed to be asleep or Erin would never let me fool around with her. I wanted to wait a couple of hours but I didn’t want to fall a sleep. I could not see my sister because Erin was sleeping on that side of the bed and the clock was slightly misaligned towards my sister’s side of the room. I had put my watch on the ground near my side of the bed so I could see the time. Unusually smart for me. I moved my arm from around Erin and she preceded to snuggle against me. It was very comfortable and though on edge about my plan the warmth and alcohol I had drank helped me to fall asleep.

I woke up with a start it took me a second to realize where I was and who was in the room. After a couple of seconds, I gently moved towards the edge of the bed and picked up my watch. It was 2:11 AM. The wedding had ended at 11:00 and we settled in the room at 12:00. So I had been sleeping for about two hours. I could hear Erin breathing deeply with each breathe. She was sleeping on her side facing away from me towards my sister. I raised my self up slightly and I could see my sister sleeping on her back with the covers over her as she lightly snored.

I slipped over to Erin and nestled into her back with my body pressing against her and my face breathing in her perfumed hair. I slowly dropped my hand onto her stomach as she continued to breathe sleepily. I rubbed slowly with the lightest of touches against her shirt. My hand gradually moved finding the bottom of my girlfriend’s T-shirt touching her flesh underneath for the first times in days. Her soft, toned flesh felt warm and inviting as my hand traveled to just below her breast. Rubbing and softly petting her back down to line of her shorts my hand once again lightly pressed up against her stomach to right below her breast and beyond.

My hand cupped her left breast. I am always amazed at the softness and silkiness of women’s tits. I slowly sensually massaged the entire breast and then took my fingers and squeezed her nipple which was puffily sticking out. I ran my hands over her breast again cupping and messaging it and then moved my hand to her right breast. A little more roughly I squeezed her breast and nipple. How I yearned to sucking on them. I was tempted to pull her on to her back but I wanted to wake her more slowly and gently but desire was building in my loins.

I pushed my rising cock into Erin’s ass cheeks once and then again. I stopped and slide my hand down from her breast and onto stomach. My hand found the line of her shorts and slide underneath them and found her panties. I wanted to put my hand inside her panties but willed myself to be patient. I pushed my cock snugly against her ass. My hand felt her silk panties that she had worn to the wedding. How I love silk. I pressed my fingers strongly against her as I felt light hair and her pubic mound rise against my greedy little fingers.

Agonizingly slowly my fingers made there way to between her legs. I started gently rubbing. Trying to find her clitoris hidden beneath the folds of flesh and silk. I would alternately rubbed her entire mound and then the area of her clitoris. Her deep breathing suddenly stopped and her body tightened. She was awake. I immediately rubbed her more deeply and kissed her neck and ear, put my tongue in her ear. Her favorite when playing with her pussy. She moaned softly “ahh, ahh”

Erin turned her head back towards me, her breathing had turned from sleepy to passionate gasps. “What are you doing,” her voice deep and sensual.

I whispered into her ear “Don’t you like it.

“Ahh, your sister is right over there,” she raised her hand on top of my arm, not pushing me away but pressing against it just above her public mound.

“She’s asleep,” I replied as I continued gliding my fingers against her pussy. Her wetness was leaking through the fabric and I could feel her opening was begging for my attention as she pushed against my hand. I moved my hand up and slide it underneath her panties through her sparse pubic hairs until I could feel her wetness. My hand glided back and forth moistening my fingers.


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