The reception featured dancing, drinking and the usual lame speeches. My sister had changed at our hotel room into a short black dress. I fantasized about lifting up the hem of her dress, ripping off her underwear and fucking her doggy style. Erin was dressed in red form fitting outfit and looked fine. But my sister looked hotter and more fuckable with her larger breast pushing at the fabric. Though Erin had the finest ass. I kept my sister and Erin content with drinks of vodka and cranberry juice. I didn’t want them to get passed out drunk either though.

I usually avoid dancing like the plague but I got out on the dance floor. I grinded up against Erin from behind on numerous occasions and grabbed some butt. I avoided being alone with her because I could tell she wanted to leave for the hotel room. Luckily the reception was not at our hotel. I danced with my sister during a couple of songs and rubbed my hand along her back. Feeling her bra strap and the small of her back. The three of us danced together to YMCA and several other lame songs.

My sister started to get friendly talking with several of the guys at wedding and I started to worry she was going to be hooking up. After all we were several states away from home who would know but her brother and friend. But luckily she didn’t and we all headed back to the hotel late at night, slightly drunk. I needed a little bit of alcohol to push me to go ahead with the plan.

When we reached the hotel room my first thought was what if the girls decide to sleep in the same bed. Leaving me alone. Erin might not trust herself in the bed alone with me at this point. Andrea might feel uncomfortable about her brother and friend sleeping together. The women might think it might be easier and less weird for them to share the bed. Then I noticed that the beds though not small would fit 2 people with only a little contact. The two people sleeping together would be crushed up against one another. Spooning pretty much. Erin would be sleeping with me.

I looked to see how far the beds were apart from each other. A night table separated the two beds with a phone and digital clock on top of the table. Two, no more than 3 feet separated the beds. Perfect. Enough distance so that we didn’t feel like we were right on top of each other destroying any sense of intimacy but still close enough that might sister would practically be part of the action.

I quickly stripped off my shirt and tie. “I’m exhausted” I pronounced and pulled off my shoes, pants and socks. The women were talking about how beautiful the wedding was and how my sister thought the groomsmen were cute but goofy. Erin and my sister had paused to look at me as I slide my pants off. I could tell they were thinking how much clothes is he taking off. Stripped down to my boxer shorts I walked to the bathroom and brushed my teethe. I felt comfortable. My sister had seen me in my boxers hundreds of times and Erin, well, she had seen me naked. I was in good shape so I figured I might as well advertise it.

I could hear them talking about the wedding and I suddenly thought how much does Erin talk about our sex life with my sister. They are best friends after all. I started to get stiff at thought of my sister hearing about me fucking her friend. I tried to push those thoughts away not wanting to walk out of the bathroom with wood.

I walked back to the bed and jumped onto it. Pulled the covers and got in. Erin was next to go to the bathroom as Andrea pulled her clothes out of the suitcase. When Erin, my girlfriend, strutted out of the bathroom she was wearing a loose fitting t-shirt and a pair of shorts. This was her usual sleeping attire except she usually wore a pair of panties with that T-shirt at least until I took them off. The shorts were definitely for my sister’s benefit. Erin moved over to my bed and I slid over as she got settled. I wrapped an arm around her and gave her a peck on the cheek.

Next it was my sister’s turn to change. She walked out a few minutes later wearing a silk pajama bottom and t-shirt. The t-shirt was loose but still emphasized her huge breast which had obviously been unleashed from her black bra which was carrying in her hand. She walked over and turned off the lights. When she turned around I could tell she was wearing a pair of panties underneath the silk bottoms.

I thought back to the time my sister and I were teenagers and early twenties living at home. At nighttime my sister would wear a pair of panties and t-shirt to bed. She would lie on the floor and watch TV or sit on the couch and the t-shirt would rid up and I could see her panties as plain as day. I never gave a second thought about it. It was no big deal. Not of sexual interest at all. My sister would ask me to zip up her dress in the back and I would see her bra and panties. I barely noticed. Now I was getting wood from watching her carry her bra wearing a t-shirt and pajama bottoms with panties underneath. Strange, I thought. I am crazy.


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