Now I had a plan. I knew my sister was never, ever going to fuck me. It just is not going to happen. She is way too moral. Though age and experience had loosened her up, she was just not going to come on to me. And I would never cross that line. But what was the next best thing to fucking your sister. No not your cousin. God, your sick like me. No. Fucking your girlfriend, your sister’s best friend while your sister is sleeping in the next bed only a few feet away.

This I could possibly make happen. When we reserved a single room for the three of us this plan had not even slightly entered my mind. But when I thought about my sister, my girlfriend and I sharing a room together my mind went into overdrive. The question was would my sister walk out of the room in a huff if she woke up to the sounds of Erin and me going at it the dark.

Would she yell at us to stop. I considered my sister and the situation. She would be drinking, probably heavily, I would see to that. She probably hasn’t had sex in a while. She’d be horny. I didn’t think if she woke up to the sounds of us having sex that my sister would want to acknowledge being awake. She might cover her head with a pillow. Turn her back to us. Listen or possibly watch? But I could not see her acknowledging her brother was fucking her friend in the bed next to her by saying something or getting up and leaving. It would be much more discreet and less awkward to feign sleep.

My girlfriend, Erin was a horny woman. I liked that about her. We were still in the stage of the relationship that we had sex almost every time we saw each other. If we didn’t we were ripping each other’s clothes off next time we met. So about four days before the trip on our date I made an excuse that I had to go home early. No sex. I knew she had plans with my sister the next day. After that I made up excuses with talk about how bad I wanted her but just couldn’t get there.

She told me to come pick her up for our trip about an hour earlier then we had to leave. She went on about how we hadn’t been together for days and now the weekend was going to be shot. Basically, she wanted or needed to be fucked before we left for the trip. The plan was working. My plan was working on me as well. I told my sister I was meeting Erin at 9:00 and knowing my sister she immediately volunteered to meet us then. Erin was not a happy person when she opened the door to my sister’s smiling face. As we walked to car I whispered to Erin that my sister just showed up and there was nothing I could do.

On the drive down Erin and Andrea talked up a storm as if everything was normal which it was. I would rub Erin’s leg every once and a while. Going up a little short of her upper thighs. At one point she leaned over to me and whispered, “Stop that, your making me wet.” Erin was getting wet from me rubbing her leg as she talked to my sister. Okay this trip is a success already. My cock stiffened immediately as she gave me a light kiss on the cheek and moved away.

After a few seconds I moved my hand back to her leg, she looked at me, like you are so bad, then pushed my hand away as she made a gesture to my sister and resumed their conversation. For her getting wet was about no sex for several days with me and the feeling of contact between us. I didn’t try touching her leg again not wanting to be obvious that getting her off around my sister was a turn on for me.

At the wedding everyone kissed and hugged their friend getting married who they hadn’t seen in a while. I could tell they were faking it to some degree because a bit of bitterness had set in post divorce. They both laughed hysterically when I joked, “No more than 3 years is this going to last”. Seconds later they were protesting that Becky would be married forever but they didn’t believe it. I think they were almost rooting against it. Chicks. I barely knew their friend but she seemed nice and having never been married, I am only slightly cynical. I was hoping for the best.


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