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This story is based on a fantasy I have had for the last couple of years.  I never considered my sister, Andrea, a sexual object until one day three years ago my sister was changing at my parent’s house getting ready for of all things a Christening. My sister screamed something out while I was in the kitchen. I walked into the living room to see what she wanted. My sister was bottomless with her dense, dark bush on full display. I stared at her for several seconds wishing I had put my contacts in this morning.

She still had her shirt on covering her large breast but her stomach, thighs, legs and bush were beautifully uncovered. I remember thinking my sister has a much better body than I thought and she colors her hair. My sister didn’t scream and didn’t hurriedly cover herself. She just stood there. After a few seconds I just walked back into the kitchen. But my fantasy life about her was now fueled. I now realize she must have screamed out “Don’t come out here I’m getting changed”. OOOps. I fantasized about her constantly after that. I dreamed that I went over to her that day and just started eating her pussy. That I pushed her back onto the couch and started fucking her. I found a girl in an old men’s magazine that looked like her and would jerk off fantasizing that it was my sister and we were fucking like crazy.

After that day are lives went on as normal and nothing was ever said of the incident by either one of us. But that was the first time I had seen her that naked since we were kids and it had changed the way I looked at her. At the pool I watched my sister prance around in a full piece bathing suit wishing she would wear a bikini and hoping for an accidental slip of the suit coming out of the water or when her child pulled on it. I began slapping her butt. Just a soft spank every now and again. Never, ever a caress. Just a soft slap on the butt. She never protested so once nearly every visit I’d give her butt a little pat. I never crossed the line.

I knew my fantasy was morally wrong. I considered myself a moral person and this fantasy was starting to trouble me deeply. Besides, how do you seduce your sister? What if you failed, it would destroy your relationship with her and possibly your entire family. Not worth it, but I tried to put a general vibe out there that if she wanted to I’d fuck her silly.

Which led to the butt slap, I had trouble calling it a spank, too sexual, and just more sexual talk between us about other people. I would say dumb things like “I’d fuck her” about other women and she would laugh. I’d ask questions about women’s sexual feeling about issues or situations, basically disguised ways to bring up sex and possibly her sex life. Then she started making jokes about sex and men. I never thought beyond us having sex. To me it was never about having an ongoing romantic relationship with my sister. I thought here is the woman my age that I am closest to in the whole world and I wonder what it be like to fuck her. If we both are single why can’t we fuck? O’ yeah it might destroy my entire family if the wrong emotions got involved.

Three years later my sister was 34 and had just gone through a nasty divorce. She had one child and for the first time her ex husband wanted to spend quality time with their child. This left her with lots of free time on every other weekend. When the opportunity came to go to her friend’s wedding several states away she jumped at the chance. By now I was dating my sister’s best friend, Erin. Erin had been divorced twice but had no children.

My sister’s and Erin’s friendship drifted depending on their marital status at the time. Erin was jealous when Andrea was happily married. Erin was partying looking for husband #2 when Andrea was having a baby making both of them jealous of the others life. But at this time both were freshly divorced and could relate to each other’s problems.

My sister and Erin were both 2 years older than me. I had always had a crush on Erin but she was always in a relationship or married. I could tell liked me because towards the tail end of her relationships she would always flirt with me. So I wasn’t surprised when Erin was once again single she asked my sister to set her up with me. We had been going out for about 4 months at this time.

My sister and Erin looked completely different. My sister was blond about 5’6 with large D cup breast and about 125 pounds. Erin was a brunette tall nearly 5’11 with small B cup tits and model like thin. Erin looked Irish while Andrea, my sister, looked German both their heritages.

Since the wedding was for Becky, both my sister’s and Erin’s friend we agreed to all go together. Now we all had jobs and made good money but for some reason the conversation came up should we get just one room. I said we were all going to pass out after the wedding and take off the next day early in the morning. The room was for sleeping for a couple of hours. No more. My sister was fine with sharing a room and so was Erin. So we made reservations for 1 room two beds.


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