Pastor cleanse his female congregants in church to have holy and pure pussy

A Ghanaian Pastor has been seen in a live-streamed video, carrying out a bizarre crossover ritual for his female congregants. According to the poster, it seems this happened on New Year’s Eve – so this seems like a holy bath to get into the new year 2022 leaving everything in 2021.

In the 8 mins 37sec  video, the Pastor was seen asking his church members to hurry up and come for the “holy bath” after which church members stripped naked to be washed in a basin.

After the washing, the female members were seen tying towels while being rubbed holy oil by another Pastor.

The cleric also claimed that he got the directive from above and knows it might cause controversy even though he has no option other than to obey the spirit.

Local news platforms in Ghana reported that the Pastor engaged in the ritual to cleanse his members so they will be “holy and pure”‘.

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