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Denise Zimba goes for naked pregnancy photo-shoot

Denise Zimba goes for naked pregnancy photo-shoot. Denise took to Instagram to share her pregnancy story after her Doctor had said she only had 1% to fall pregnant.

Here is what she had to say ” My doctor said I had endometriosis, and an urgent treatment was needed, which meant falling pregnant was indefinitely placed on the back burner. Only 1% possibility to conceive, even after treatment for some time. I was shocked, and felt less of a woman.

Denise Zimba

I was not eager to fall pregnant, but it has always been important to me to have a family one day. I thought WOW! … I didn’t realize that falling pregnant can be quite a difficult and physically painful experience. It became clear that breaking away from work, and focusing on my family, the here and now that was incredibly fruitful and exciting, needed my entire focus. I have a beautiful relationship with an exceptional man, who I had to give up a few things – for the meantime – to nourish the partnership, and protect the process. For once I was truly happy just being, no set life, no hustle, no need to be relevant, and knowing that I am truly blessed to have a partner who could support that.

Denise Zimba

On my 30th Birthday, I found out I was pregnant! My baby decided that anything is possible, even while my body was under construction. My human made its way through all odds, and was that 1% POSSIBILITY. I couldn’t believe it ??… Clearly my endometriosis, intense treatment, and me not feeling ready to be a mom, was delaying the work of the universe.

Denise Zimba

This has been quite a tough journey thus far. I thought I would love being pregnant – uuuuuh it’s hurts and it’s dang hard! ?. But I am so grateful to be alive, and able to carry another human. ITS CRAZY. It has definitely changed me. I am scared to be a mom, and I guess one is never ready for the changes and challenges. But I vow to kick ass, and raise an authentic, brave and kind human. Heres to struggle and triumph ?

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