cheating wife

This would be my first time cutting class but not my last. Actually I only cut class twice as by the second time I realized I didn’t need to miss class to watch “them”.

“Them” would be my wife of three and a half years and my brother!

I was going to night school at L.A. Trade tech in the valley and I attended class three nights a week. Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. I had a great day job with a well known company. We had an 8 month old baby girl and Life was great!

In those days L.A. was pretty much wide open. Anyone live there in the 60’s and early 70’s? Titty and totally nude bars everywhere, beer and wine were served, and some even showed porn movies while the girls danced, and the girls could really get wild. I saw sex performed on stage more than a few times for sure. My favorite was “Bonnie and Clydes #2” and that’s why I only had to cut class twice.

You see I always stopped for a pitcher of beer and watching the girls before going home from school. Now I could skip the beer and go home to a “personal” show.

My reason to skip came the week before on Thursday. I was feeling sick so skipped my usual stop at the bar and went straight home after school. We lived in an apartment building in the front corner bottom floor, and as I headed to the door I saw a gap in the front room curtain. I thought great, maybe I can see what she is doing and maybe surprise her.

Uh Oh!!!! . . . . . I was the one being surprised.

With just enough of a gap to see inside, I saw my loving wife Barbara on the floor between my brothers legs with her lips wrapped around his generous cock. His head was tilted back as he had his hands on her tits squeezing and kneading them. Ohhh Kay I thought. We weren’t exactly pure, and had been in some threesomes and swapped before, but not with “him”!

When my brother Bud asked to move in till he could find his own place having just recently gotten out of the navy Barbara and I talked about it and decided he could stay and sleep on the couch.

We also talked about curbing our activities till he was gone.

I specifically told her not to do anything with him, Family and all that. Strike one!

He was never home before I got home from school so this was a major surprise. Strike two!

I continued to watch till I saw him tense up and saw him mouth the words. You know the ones. I’m cuuuumming. Like the great little cock sucker she is I knew just what he was feeling and she would swallow his whole load. Oh Yeah!!

I decided then to bust in on them and catch them in the act. I enjoyed the show but I was also mad as hell that she was cheating on me with my brother. Sharing was one thing but cheating was something else altogether. I was set for a major blow out kick ass fight.

I pulled open the screen door and grabbed the door knob and . . . it was locked!!! The door was never locked till I was in for the night!!! Strike three.

I had to fumble for my keys and finally got the door open. As I stepped in she was just finishing fixing her blouse and quickly came toward the door between my brother and me and said “Hi honey, Love you, I just put Debbie to bed”. Then she mashed her mouth to mine in one hell of a sexy passionate French kiss our tongues dueling and probing each other.


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