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Another woman’s #Kuku trends

Royalti pussy gets mocked as ugly

#Kuku is back again on trending as another woman shares photos of her pussy and it has left a lot of social media comparing hers with that of the first lady who posted hers at the beginning of the year, 2022 which broke the internet due to its cleanliness.

Royalti pussy

We are sure wherever this woman is, she is regretting posting such as her pussy is getting mocked and called ugly. published about a Xhosa lady who stole the spotlight after leaking her clean goodies online and she topped the trend list for a couple of days as men and also women, praised her.

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As part of what makes the social media streets fun, another woman has shared her n#des and many people were left with many to say as they were comparing her with the Xhosa lady.


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