Sex Tips

5 Things you should do while having sex

Kissing is the key – If you’re one of those who does not believe in kissing while having sex, then you’re truly missing out on the simple yet grand pleasures of life. While stimulation and physical touch is of utmost importance during sex, kissing adds erotic satisfaction to the entire experience.

Foreplay is a must – Foreplaying is an act that precedes the act of sex itself. It helps to trigger the psychological and physical responses in a person that increases the level of arousal a person and enhances their sexual urges. If you still feel you’re doing it all wrong, then resort to the pleasures of foreplay.

Locate your best sex positions – Not everyone enjoys the same sexual position. Different positions guarantee different levels of orgasmic pleasures to various people. It is crucial that you locate a compatible yet comfortable position for you and your partner so that your sexual experience does not become dull and painful.

Express your pleasure – One of the most important parts of any sexual activity is talking or expressing your pleasures through something as natural as a pleasurable moan. You could also let them know what and when it feels good so that they understand what pleases you the most.

Do not forget to experiment – Repeating the same sexual activity can sometimes make your relationship boring and monotonous. What you can do is experiment with different positions or activities that might spice up your experience. Add a little surprise to your sex life the next time you engage. You never know, it might just turn out to be the best sex ever.

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