Sex Tips

10 Ways to be naughty in bed

Think you’re pretty clued up between the sheets. Your sex life is about to hot up. Rouge gets you in the naughty mood

1. First see what your guy likes – is it strawberry, champagne, pina colada or rum? Put on your edible lingerie and as you get into the groove, your body heat will make it more palpable.

2. Use massage as foreplay. Wait! Before you start thinking about which oil to use, go to your kitchen and get your hands on some chocolate sauce or honey.

3. Treat him like a lust object. Go ahead and have wild, animalistic sex.

4. Talk dirty. Create your own sex language and initiate the dirty dialogue – in your softest, sexiest voice.

5. Do a reverse striptease for your guy. Let him see you put on every piece of clothing and yes don’t forget to add sexy moves to the action.

6. While he’s into the act, grab him by the butt, pull him towards you and give him a deep passionate kiss.

7. Bite him inc all right places – ears, neck, chest, knees.

8. Drag him to the mirror so that you can see yourself in action.

9. Nice girls do get naughty! And they send naughty text messages. Send him those creative, text messages.

10. Did he ever share his wildest fantasies with you? If he did, act on them. Act out his favourite fantasy.

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